Arborlight: Skylights Everywhere

Arborlight: Daylight on Demand

An exciting new Ann Arbor startup promises to illuminate spaces in a fresh new way. We’re all used to skylights, but how about one that only needs a ceiling, whether you’re sandwiched between floors or are living in a house? With Arborlight, any space can get a skylight that looks and feels real.

According to their website, “Arborlight is a premier manufacturer of human centric architectural lighting. Its product portfolio focuses on human centric outcomes related to well-being, productivity, and health through interactions with mood and circadian rhythm with daylight emulation through luminaires designed as architecturally accurate daylighting features. The Arborlight team comprises experts covering all aspects of solid state lighting including product styling, mechanical design, thermal management, optical design, LED drivers and advanced lighting control systems.”

Simply put, you can mimic the outdoors- in real time- through your very own skylight. Don’t even worry about not having access to a roof, they’ll install it into ceilings!

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